Trauma Therapy &  Recovery Support Services

We all face painful life experiences that unbeknownst to us, can force us out of our sense of what it is to be and feel "normal." Disturbing feelings, beliefs, and behaviors may begin to undermine our quality of life, and we don't know why. Anna Blum PMHCNS-BC specializes in providing services to individual, couples, families, and agencies to identify lingering effects of trauma and painful life experience. Anna provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families including children and adolescences to help restore a sense of normalcy and a reclaiming of the truest version of yourself, your couple and your family.  Anna offers special programming geared at educating all types of people regarding the effects of trauma on the nervous system and ways to stabilize and regulate the self through the recovery of it. The Project Hope Education and Group Support Services  shines a light on the many paths to restoring a sense of well-being. Anna  provide's up-to-date information about trauma treatment and self-care skills known to help ease the troublesome symptoms associated with trauma histories.  Participants are supported in exploring the range of hopeful information and practices that point to our inborn ability to recover from painful experience. 

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