Anna offers therapeutic support for the life span, supporting the transitions, transformations and traumas of life. From cradle to grave our health is as robust as our attachments and connections. Anna Blum supports understanding the neurological networking of the human brain and the interplay and connection with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person. The principles of attachment and connection during the 9 months of pregnancy and the very important first 7 years of life impacts the continual growing human being well into adulthood. The attachment style we developed in childhood either supports our ability to connect and attach in healthy ways and continues to promote the overall well being of our system, or sends us into stasis.  With this understanding as the back drop, Anna works with all that come in her office to distinguish between the blueprint of our inner most essential wholeness and health from birth on and the imprinting of life experiences that change our perception of our worth, our behavior and the expression of who we truly are. She does this in the context of safe connected relationship.

Working from a systems perspective that all beings are constantly sharing information and energy in the form of e-motions, energy in motion with each other, Anna helps her clients to become rooted in the truth of who they are, using tools of grounding, resourcing, and parts work. Parts work is used to establish that the most mindful, wisest part of us is in the driver seat. The client learns to become familiar with this part of themselves to work with the different aspects that took on powerful compensation patterns to help them survive difficult situations, but whose decisions and behaviors may no longer be in the best interest of the whole system,

Helping clients to look at painful experiences in their life and what if any experiences has left an imprinting of trauma in the form of fight, flight or freeze, Anna uses state of the art therapeutic techniques to help move these unexpressed feelings and energies from the body.This includes, EMDR, TAT, EFT, Vagus nerve support work and energetic body work, eco-therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy. All special techniques are explained and discerned together whether it is appropriate for the client at that time. Informed consents are given and signed. At any point the client is no longer comfortable with that technique or treatment it is suspended.

All of these modalities are held in the therapeutic paradigm of attachment theory including,  Imago couples therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Attachment Focused Work, Trauma and Recovery Paradigms, Pre & Perinatal Psychology, and the intrinsic connection of all life, including nature.

 Whether sitting in front of an individual, dyad, family or group, Anna hold a family systems perspective, the importance of our attachment relationships and attachment styles and the way we interact with the world as an important way shower to our deepest wounds, and the simple yet profound path to our healing.

 Helping clients to access all the aspects of themselves and using tools specific to address these different aspects Anna supports clients of all ages to acknowledge, harness, and own their essential wholeness and worth.