New! Individual & Group Therapist Training Program for Project H.O.P.E.

                      Safety and Stabilization Trauma Recovery Programs

                                     Anna kd Blum PMHCNS-BC
                                              Start Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019
                                              Time: 6:30pm - 8:30 pm (5 or more)
                                              Size: 5-7 participants
                                              Length: 12 weeks 

Purpose: This 12 week Individual & Group Training Program for Therapists, focuses on the specific philosophy of, and skills needed, to create and run a Project Hope Safety and Stabilization Trauma Recovery Group for adult clients, and to administer the program individually. The PH Safety and Stabilization group is built on evidenced based state of the art trauma and attachment principles. Starting with a 2 hr trauma class, it continues with  focusing on teaching clients the skills needed to regulate trauma triggers and create an integrative (mind, body, spiritual and emotional) self-care plan to support stability in their daily life. It incorporates the supports of culture, community and nature with modules dedicated to each. The group is also designed to  create a transformational opportunity for clients to change their communication patterns in relationship to others. Therapists who take this training will learn all that is needed to support stability, self care and transformation in a trauma and attachment informed way to run the S&S group.

  • Learn the process of group set-up, creating marketing materials and marketing the group.
  • Become familiar with the appropriate make up of group members that will support a stable group environment.
  • Become familiar with the importance of structure in the group, and how the therapist is the holder and container for that structure.
  • Be a co-participant in the group, working on your own safety, stabilization and communication goals that allow you to prepare to be a stable container for the group.
  • Become familiar with and proficient in learning the curriculum.
  • Practice teaching and leading the group in experiential group experiences.
  • Run one group in which you are the main leader, helping hold the space of the group, regulating group members through triggers, and helping members clarify and work through their own goal setting.

Group Parameters
Focus - Training The Trainer
Self Care and Self Regulation, Prevention of Vicarious Trauma
Time Limits: 4/4/19 - 6/27/18 (12 groups/there will be one week missed during this time/date unknown)

  • Graduated from a counseling program.
  • Licensed, or working toward licensure in your discipline.
  • Ability to tolerate a strongly structured learning environment.
  • Ability to create and maintain a strongly structured learning environment.
  • Willingness to work on your own regulation and self care goals as part of the group training.
  • Willingness to work on an individual communication goal, and to build a supportive, cohesive training group.
Cost of Program:
Orientation Intake- $65 (to determine fit for the group, goals, and informed consent).
Group Sessions- $55.00/group - 12 groups - $660.00
One Hour supervision during training - $65.00/hour
Group Therapist Manual - $35.00
Trauma Class/Slides - $75.00
Total Cost of Training - $900.00

Payment Plan
You may pay in full at the beginning of training. For those that need a payment plan, the below plan is an option:
  •  $150.00 Deposit due at your intake meeting
  • $150.00 due at the 1st group
  •  $300.00 due at the 5th group
  • $300.00 due at the 8th group
If you leave the training after the first group, you are still responsible for full program payment.

At close of training you will have:
  • Ability to run a PH S&S group for adults
  • Ability to do the work in an individual setting
  • Ability to take further training to run a group for Adolescents and their families
  • One manual to either do the individual or group 
  • Access to buy additional teaching manuals and group training manuals for your clients
  • PH Trauma Class slides and content

Post Training Costs:
  • 4 hours of supervision for one twelve-week group. (This covers doing group and individual work.)
  • 4 @ $65.00 - $260.00. 
  • 2-3 hours of supervision for first 12 week individual client you work with. (depending on what you think you need) This is only required if you are not running groups and will just work with individuals.
  • Paid at the time of seeking supervision. 
May not do your first individual client or run S&S groups without supervision for the first group you run.


                    Safety & Stabilization Trauma Recovery Group

        Learn Self Care & Skill Building Tools To Support Recovery
                                                     Anna kd Blum PMHCNS-BC                                                                                                                                       

                                       Start Date: No Group at this time.
                                       Length: 12 weeks (2 week break and then option to continue)
                                       Cost: $40.00 per group (adjusted rate available)  

Purpose: This 11week didactic/supportive psychotherapy group functions as an adjunct to individual therapy focusing on the first level of recovery. It  specifically focuses on the skills and mind set needed for trauma survivors to reestablish safety and stability in their lives.

Objectives:  Members will . ..

  • Learn about trauma symptoms and trauma recovery.
  • Be able to identify 3 levels of trauma treatment.
  • Asses and become aware of their mind/body balance
  • Design a self-care plan that will specifically focus on helping them move into mind/body balance, and a more holistic way of living, as well as deal with their specific triggers.
  • Learn specific self-care tools such as mindfulness, heart  breathing, grounding and centering etc. that will help increase their window of tolerance and help them to stabilize during stress/trauma trigger reactions
  • Utilize self-care tools that will support and hopefully relieve trauma symptomatology.
  • Learn to stabilize trauma triggers in the safe presence of others in the group, with the help of the therapist.


Group Parameters

Focus:            Self-Care

Structure:       Didactic/Supportive Psychotherapy

Task:               Safety & Stabilization

Membership: Trauma Survivors/men & women

Boundaries:   6 members 

Time Limit:    12 weeks weeks starting Tuesday, 2/3/2015, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Cost:              $40.00 per class/ sliding scale available for 2 members in a 6 person group.


  • Regular individual therapy, with referral from therapist to be in group.
  • Attendance in two-hour trauma class listed on this site. Will be offered before each 12 week group.
  • Sign release for collaboration between therapist and group therapists.
  • Sign consent form to participate in group (found under "forms" tab on this site).
  • While in group, focus on issues of self-care and being present in the moment.


  • After referral, clients call 434-987-1818 to set up a registration meeting.
  • Client comes to a brief registration meeting and signs informed consent
  • Therapist receives outline for each class via email.

Led by Trauma Therapist: Anna Blum PMHCNS-BC.


Project Hope Trauma Process Group


The purpose of the PH Process Group is to create a safe environment for clients to explore the symptoms/trauma triggers that remain in their life and work on the underlying trauma in a group environment. This group will continue to be framed in the use of self regulatory techniques that create grounding and centering in individual clients. These techniques will also be employed during the group particularly when people are being triggered while another person is taking a turn at process work, or as a way to stabilize the client who is taking a turn working. While this is a process group, the intent is to continually be balancing the clients need for stabilization and safety with the need for exposure to the trauma and the need to tell the story, process the pain, and allow the energy that has been on board to release itself in the presence of group members.

Group Parameters

Focus: To process trauma and have your story and trauma work witnessed in a safe group.

Structure: Integrative Psychotherapy Group

Task: To utilize a mind/body approach that support clients in their stabilization and self care during the group, so that they can simultaneously look at and process through underlying causes of repeated daily trauma symptoms and triggers. 

Membership: Co-ed heterogeneous trauma survivors

Boundaries: Closed to 7 members 

Time Limit: Ongoing

Start Date: No Group at this time.

Cost: 50.00/group (may be insurance reimbursable-check with insurance company)


  • Must be in individual therapy
  • Must have completed: PH Trauma Class,  PH Self Care & Skill Building Group.
  • Signed a release for confidential sharing of therapeutic information with individual therapist
  • Must be free from addictions, current crisis and utilizing safety and stabilization techniques to regulate stress and trauma triggers and working with self care. 

  • Therapist referral
  • Interview to discuss client goals and assess readiness for trauma process group.

Led by: Anna Blum, PMHCNS-BC, Nurse Psychotherapist